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Tourist Info

Thiruvalluvar Statue

welcome-img This statue of the great Tamil poet, Thiruvalluvar is built exactly of that of the statue of Liberty in America. The stone statue is 133 feet high representing the 38 chapters in the first part of the Kural (Virtue) and the 95 ft statue represents the total chapters in the second and third parts of the Kural, Wealth and Love.  Thus the statue symbolizes the themes of wealth love based on virtue.

welcome-imgThe pedestal is surrounded by an artistic mandapam known as alankara mandapam.  Surrounding this mandapam stand statues of ten elephants. To help the visitors to worship the holy feet of the saint 140 steps are constructed inside the mandapam.

The foundation stone for the statue was laid in 1979.  Five hundred sculptors were engaged for this work under the able guidance of Dr. Ganapathi Sthapathi and the work was completed in 1999.  The state was inaugurated on 1st January 2000 by Dr.Mu. Karunanidhi,  the then chief minister of Tamil nadu.

Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial

welcome-imgThe great Indian Philosopher Swami Vivekananda’s memorial is built in a small island like rock 200 meters from the shore. A very great building and other halls are constructed in this rock. Actually it is a turn rock where this memorial stands. There is a meditation hall where people who wants to meditate in a calm and composed atmosphere can perform their meditation inside it. Boat facilities are available for the tourists to visit this beautiful memorial spot.

Swamay Vivekananda came to kanyakumari on 24.2.1892 before his departure for Chicago to participate in the World Religious Conference in 1893. He sat on meditation on this rock for two days and became a powerful spiritual leader and philosopher.  Vivekananda Rock Memorial has been built in 1970 and is a blend of various architectural styles of India.  The memorial was constructed in 2081 working days with an average of about 650 men working under the supervision of Sri. S.K.Achari.  The memorial consists of tow main structures. 

Vivekananda Mandapam

welcome-imgThe entire memorial mandapam is similar to that of Sri Ramakrishna Temple at Belur and the entrance is designed on the style of Ajanta and Ellora cave temples.

There is a belief that the original Devi temple was built on this rock or somewhere near this and the rock itself was part of the mainland.  The sea might have eroded the main land and turned the rock into an island, resulting in the shifting of the old temple to the present site.

  This rock is approachable only by boat which provides a pleasure cruise into the sea.In the main hall there is a life-size bronze statue of  Swamiji in his standing ‘parivarajak’ posture.  Adjoining the main hall is the dhyana mandapam where devotees can sit and mediated in a serene atmosphere.

Sri Pada Mandapam

welcome-img On this rock there is a small projection resembling human foot which has been revered as Sripaadam. 

According to legends it was on this rock that Goddess Kanyakumari did her penance.  This special significance and sanctity attached to this rock might have prompted Swamy Vivekananda, an ardent devotee of Kali, to venture across the sea for his long meditation.

Kanyakumari Beach

Sanguthurai Beach

welcome-img Sanguthurai, a beautiful beach resort is 10 km away from Nagercoil. It is a convenient spot for the local people. There are no infra structure facilities till now, but the district administration has sanctioned Rs.6 lakhs to build parks and entertainment buildings.

  The work of construction is complete. There are also plans to put up few shops for women self Help Groups, wherein tourists can buy the necessary things they want.


This is located 40 km away (North west) of Kanyakumari. There is a five beach in this place. There is a lighthouse in this shore and it is a place perfect for relaxation.

Shotharilai Beachwelcome-img

This is one of the beautiful natural beaches located in the district which is 10 km away from Kanyakumari. The water in this beach is shallow and we can find many sand dunes in the shores.

  The district administration has taken steps and developed this wonderful natural beach into a five tourist spot. The new laid coastal road leads the tourists to this spot. The beautiful site that the tourists watch along the way to this spot enthralls them with joy.

Thengapattinam Beach

welcome-imgThis place is located on the west coast, near painkulam village which comes under the revenue of Vilavancode. The beach here is a beautiful site because there are huge coconut groves near this beach.

It is said that it was a major trade centre during the ancient days, specifically Arabra. The non-salty water from the Thamiraparani river enters into the sea through this beach. One can enjoy the boat ride on the back waters of the river. It is 35 kms far from Nagercoil and 54 km from Kanniyakumari Bus transport is frequent to this place.

Thekkurichi Beachwelcome-img

This place, Thekkurichi is a very small village. This is located in the West Coastal area. The seashores are calm and sereve in this beach.

There are umpteen number of casnarina trees near the shore which provide shades and it is a joyous atmosphere.

Museums and Memorials in Kanyakumari

Gandhi Memorial

welcome-imgIt is said that the burnt ashes of the late father fo the nation Mahatma Gandhi was put in a pot and kept in the shore for people to see before immersing it in the tri seas. The place where the pot was placed, later a memorial place was constructed for him.

The sunrays pass through the building and fall exactly where the ash pot was placed, on the particular day i.e. October 2nd. It is a testimony to modern architecture.

Kamaraj Memorialwelcome-img

Kamaraj was regarded as the King Maker of India. He had influenced many a political event in the country. He was born of a humble family and then went on to become the chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

He was a hard worker and a political acumen. This memorial was dedicated and built for the great freedom fighters hardwork and achievement on 2nd October 2000. This memorial is located near the Gandhi Memorial.

Government Museumwelcome-img 

This museum is located on the beach road. The collection of sculptured artic rafts and crafts of South Indian temples are preserved in this museum. This is one of the tourist’s must see place.

Jeevanandam Manimandapamwelcome-img

 Jeevanandam was one of the fore runners of the Marxist movement of India especially in Tamilnadu. He represented in the 1957 election contesting for washermenpet in Chennai and proved to be an emiment Parliament member.

A memorial was built in respect of Jeevanandam on 19-04-1998 at Nagercoil. The memorial has the statue, the life history and photograps of Jeevanandam, displayed in it.

Saikuthambi Pavalar Memorial

welcome-imgSaikuthambi Pavalar was born on 31-07-1874. He had a good knowledge of Tamil grammar and literature. He performed the ‘Sathavathana programme’ in the presence of the Tamil scholars on 10th March 1907 and was appreciated.

He was a freedom fighter, died on 13-12-1950. His memorial was built and opened on 26-09-1987, at Idlakkudi Kottar in Nagercoil.

Velu Thambi Dalawar Memorialwelcome-img

This memorial is located 30 km away from Kanyakumari. This place is of historical importance. The great revolutionary Velu Thamby Dalawah, who was the general (Diwan) of Travancore was born here.

He rose and fought against the British supremacy in India. His home located in Thalakulam village was ransacked by the Britishers. He used his weapons and other belongings to fight against the Britishers kept in this place.

Dams and Water Falls in Kanyakumari

Thiruparappu Water Falls

welcome-imgThe English term for this Thiruparappu is a pavilion of beauty and holiness. This place is fascinating to watch. There is a shrine, wherein the green hills are located at the back drop of the shrine, and the Kodayur perennial river running in front of the shrine.

There is a waterfall near the shrine which is really wonderful. This is 70 km far from Kanyakumari.


T. Chithirai Maharaja constructed this natural dam. It supplies water to Nagercoil, Sachindram and Kanyakumari. It is a beautiful picnic spot.

Pechiparai Damwelcome-img

This is situated 75 km away from Kanyakumari. This is a beautiful dam site for visitors. Boating facility is available in this dam.

Ulakkai Aruviwelcome-img

This is a natural waterfall. This is located in Azhagiapandipuram, a village in Thovalai Taluk. The water falls during the summer seasons alone.The Reserve forest leads the tourists to this waterfall. It is a beautiful and picturesque scene to watch.